Looking for a UK dogging fourm? and better still one thats FREE to join and post within, in that case read on as not only are we one of the biggest UK dogging contacts website but our dogging forum has thousands of contacts posting up details of anything from dogging meets to parties

If your new to online contacts and dogging websites the term forum maybe something thats new to you, if so we can help as we discuss the benifits of using dogging forums to not only find the most up to date locations but also read postings from other members offering advice on the UK dogging scene

FREE DOGGING INFORMATION……. [click to see more >>>]

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Kinky…. and me, Over the years I’ve had plenty of vanilla sex … And I’ve come to realise that it’s a shared experience in several ways, obviously there is the physical aspect which is always nice but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to apreciate the psycological side of sex.

This in turn has helped me develop an interest in all sorts of bdsm contacts, kinky things and fetishes. The main one for me is an appreciation of attractive smoking women (a BIG turn on for me, odd too as a non smoker). Also The kinker aspects comes into play with varous roll play situations I’ve begun to fantasize about. [click to see more >>>]

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Bi Swingers

April 27, 2011

They say that everyone has a bisexual side it’s a case of do you want to let your bi swingers side FREE and start exploring same sex meets or just leave it under wraps so to speak and never really know what its like to have sex with someone of your own sex. For most […]

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BBW Swingers

April 14, 2011

When it comes to meeting with BBW swingers there’s only one place to turn towards and with the thousands of BBW contacts posted by single females & couples it won’t take you long before your meeting up with BBW Swinging contacts For those that are unsure the term BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women and […]

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Bukkake contacts

March 30, 2011

Fancy attending a Greedy girl party? Interested in getting involved with the Bukkake contracts scene either as a greedy girl to get wanked over by males or as a single guy wanting to try some Bukkake sex, in that case read on The Bukkake contacts scene has flourished within the swingers scene manly due to […]

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UK Dogging

March 22, 2011

Want to find current and used dogging locations? Well it that case read on as not only can we offer you direct access to dogging locations right around the UK but even better this information is FREE As Brits we’ve always loved the idea of outdoor sex and when the term “dogging” hit the UK […]

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