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Poppy Morgan “IS” Britains most outrageous fetish porn stars although some would say Lolly Badcock comes in close but NOT this person as Poppy Morgan offers is pure dark kinky fetish the likes of we only dream of happening to us and no more is that the case than Studio Television X and its new perverse title Caged which really with a video name like that needs no introduction

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Film Details

  • Name:- Caged
  • Running Time:- 104 minutes
  • Studio:- Television X
  • Director:- Kendo
  • Categories:- English Fetish Porn
  • Stars:- Poppy Morgan

Take an exclusive invite into the dirty mind of Britain’s most infamous porn star thats Poppy Morgan and for someone that only started in the adult porn scene in 2003 and starred in her very first feature movie for UK production company Wicked in 2004 and with her own production company now you can be sure we will be seeing a lot more fetish videos featuring Poppy

We all know Poppy has a love for rubber,latex lesbians and massive cocks but here in Televisions latest offering in “Gaged” we see that fetish taken to another level as we enjoy her sado masochistic imagination inside the depraved caged world and we enjoy a fetish encounter of dark perverse fantasies that involve both males & females whilst shes asleep

She taken into dildo fucking latex party where the opening scene shows us the dark world that shes entered but having enjoyed watch many hours of Poppy Morgan in lesbian scenes I wanted to enjoy seeing her handle some real meat rather than the rubber dongs & dildos she normally gets fucked senseless with and FUCK do they have some hung guys to please her

The real actions starts in the 3rd scene with poppy walking up to a cage and what looks like at first a women with black fishnets on and but pretty clear when they pan up that the meat hanging between his legs is NO rubber cock as its real but here the guys are dressed in stockings, basque and even high heels and does you make you wonder what crossdressed males are doing in this movie until the action starts

Poppy is soon standing around 3 fetish dressed males and sucking each one off as they push massive cocks deep into her making her gag but NEVER with drawing their cocks not until right before the last minute and then pushing her down onto the floor start to fuck her hard abusing both her cunt and arse as they fuck her silly

The final part of this is a bukkake style scene where she puts a plastic funnel into her mouth and each guy wanks off into it making sure she sucks every drop of cum as it falls into the funnel – So you can be sure someone will be hunting after a Poppy Morgan Bukkake video pretty soon looking at the way she drinks back all the cum – check out free photos from Caged! ……….enjoy I did

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