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Say the word cuckold to most and they will probably not have a clue what you are talking about, but ask how many guys would like to watch there wife getting fucked by other guys and you can be sure of a far more positive response, in other words your cuckold husbands !!

The UK cuckold contacts scene is one of those that’s most benefitted from adult contacts and swingers sites with probably a 50/50 split with couples that are looking for swingers meets and those cuckold couples that have joined for one reason alone to meet with single males so the husband can enjoy and watch his wife getting fucked

With so many couples looking to meet with single males what was in the past a predominately couples only swinging scene now single males are in demand with couples joining up a looking for local contacts

Cuckold HusbandsWith couples looking for males (bulls) and males joining to meet with cuckold contacts you can see just why this sexual fetish is so strong but like any contacts genre understanding the role both parties play and the types of contacts is vital to enjoying meeting contacts

What is Cuckold Contacts, roles of couples & bulls

The role with a cuckold couple and its bull can vary from the couple to couple, in some cases it can be a simple case of the bull meeting up with the couple and fucking the hotwife, or the husband can have a far more involved role and interact with the bull & hotwife!

You may have noticed the term “bull & hotwife” being mention here  a few times and a BULL is the male that fucks the wife and Hotwife is often used by couples when describing cuckold wives

The question you need to ask yourself as a “bull” do you think you can fuck someone else’s wife whilst he watches? and as a husband just how happy would you be about seeing another male fucking your hotwife? if these don’t offer any concern then join us …………….Its FREE

Free UK Cuckold Ads ……………its REALLY is FREE

We really are a free cuckold contacts website with over 2,000,000 members and offer features than many other websites will charge you to use and these features include such things as :-

  • Search cuckold contacts right across the UK & Europe
  • Upload your own personals advert
  • Space to upload photos and even videos should you have any ( we do recommend photos  )
  • View members cuckold ads & photos
  • Send direct messages to members
  • Free email account
  • Access Cuckold Forum, Chat rooms, Message boards & read cuckold blogs

Plus so many other great features that will help you meet up contacts and to give you some idea of the members we have use the banner above and this will give you full & FREE access to profiles so YOU can read just what members posting – As a member you’ll then be able to refine your search to local contacts and cuckoldry ads

We will be discussing the cuckold contacts genre in more depth with photos, sample profiles, different types of contacts and many other related issues but in the meantime use the FREE link to access personal ads or why not join us and start meeting with Cuckold Couples

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