Sissy Maid Transformation

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Here Studio Transfetish Productions look at what it takes to transform a husband into a cum drinking cock sucking sissy maid and the women that gets to turn her man into a sissy crossdrersser is the very sexy Kendra James and along with some of her friends have some fun at her husbands expenses

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Film Details

  • Name:- Sissy Slut Manual
  • Running Time:- 89 minutes
  • Studio:- Transfetish Productions
  • Contacts :- Sissy Cuckold
  • Categories:- Fetish Crossdressing Submales Sissy Transvestites
  • Stars:- Kendra James, Ashley Edmonds & Rene Eisha
  • Viewing Options:- Streamed, Downloaded or pay per view

Review – Their are few fetish studios that take on a Transvestite genre so well and crossdress studio Transfetish Productions are without a doubt one of the best in sissy maids and crossdress submale videos and this latest video features one of the best femdoms and all round bitches going that Kendra James as the wife that has only one interest to transform her husband

The opening scene shows Kendra sat down showing off her amazing legs with black stockings on and standing along side her is her already transformed hubby wearing a quite little black maids outfit stockings and fully made up and ready for some action, but what we see first is her transformation into a sissy maid

After stripping her husband naked she orders him to dress as her maid, but taking great attention to the ways shes dresses and from the orders she giving him shes not impressed at the way her husband is putting the stockings on and right from the onset starts punishing him both by humiliating him and using a leather paddle whilst he’s wearing french knickers

She then starts to apply make-up and carries on with the transformation but rather than letting him put the make up on she does this doing her best to make her husband look like the pretty maid she wants and with final inspection puts the maids dress on him and then allows him to wank off into a glass ! but not wanting to waste it tells the husband to drink his own cum getting every last drop out from the glass

The humiliated husband then has to endure Kendra James inviting her girlfriends friends round and Ashley Edmonds & Rene Eisha turn up expecting to have their every needs meet by this sissy husband and those needs include cleaning feet with his tong, getting strap on fuckings and generally serving these strong women for what every they require or indeed what every their kink is!

One thing that is on the cards with any Transfetish streaming video the sissy maids are always dominated, humiliated and turned into the submissive sex slaves that these weak males are. Great sissy maid crossdressing porn and a must viewing

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