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The theme of Cum Eating Cuckolds & Creampie licking husbands is a series that has made Kick Ass Pictures one of the leaders within the cuckoldry porn market and considering the rate they produce videos your never short of a new cum eating husbands video release. Cum Eating Cuckolds 11 is a new streaming video release within the cuckolding fetish although I’ve heard volume 12 is coming out soon

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Film Details

  • Name:- Cum Eating Cuckolds 11
  • Running Time:- 104 minutes
  • Released:- 11/2009
  • Studio:- Kick Ass Pictures
  • Series:- Cum Eating Cuckolds
  • Categories: – Cum Eating Males, Black Dicks White Chicks, Cuckold
  • Stars:- Riley Shy, Luscious Lopez, Yasmine Gold

Review: Health warning ** One thing you can learn from cuckoldry porn, is with this sexual genre be careful what you ask your wife for as this can REALLY cum true and you could well be that cum eating husband and if you don’t have a cock thats big enough to satisfy your wife you could be turned into total humiliation and made to eat cum from your wifes cunt .

OK if your wife suggest you go see a marriage counselor “DON’T” as the first scene shows the sexy Latino Luscious Lopez and her newly made cum eating hubby as they visit a marriage counselor that happens to be black bull (Julius Ceazher) and Luscious has no real interest in saying the marriage more like getting into her black bulls pants

When she tells her husband its either a case of letting her fuck others males or she’ll leave he has no option but to watch her as she opens her legs showing off that great shaven Latino pussy but he does get shock when the finial condition is after hes fucked her his then got to get between her legs and lick all the black guys cum from his wife

Listening to the way Bob (the husband) protests you really could imagine this happening in real life and having meet with a lot of cuckolded couples these videos really do offer a great insight and if your considering becoming a cum eating cuckolded man then you better check this video out as the warning is “NO” joke

The other scenes all follow the theme of wives that are totally pissed with their husbands and just want to force them into cum eating males and have no interest in just how far they humiliate them and when you have Yasmine Gold in the 2nd scene & Riley Shy following up the rear you know this is going to be another great video from Kick Ass

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