Wives Milking Husbands

in Cuckold

These wives look towards humiliating theres husbands to the extreme, they milk cum from husbands and gather semen in a bottle force then to drink cum and if thats not bad enough other guys  have wanked off into the bottle as well!! This inst Prostate milking but attaching a milking machine onto the husbands cock and pumping his cum out!

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Video Details

  • Name:- Bitches Who Force Hubby Bi 4
  • Running Time:- 64 minutes
  • Studio:- Venus Girls Production
  • Series:- Bitches Who Force Hubby Bi
  • Categories:- Milking Fetish, Submales, Cuckold, Big Natural Breasts High Definition
  • Stars:- Gabriel D Alessandro, Mz Berlin

First its nothing to do with Prostate Milking, but about a true bitch wife ( Mz Berlin) that attaches a pumping / milking machine directly onto her weak hubbies dick and milks his cum into a storage bottle that full of other guys cum, this takes male gokkum to another level of fetish and use of a machine the likes of you’ve probably never seen before on any fetish extreme cuckold video

In this 3rd scene on this video you have VERY sexy Mz. Berlin with her massive totally natural tits telling her submale husband that he’s going his cock milked! and if you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Mz. Berlin in action before trust me your info a treat

Lets me first just say the feature bitch wife in this video is Mz Berlin NOT Ms Berlin as she’s often referred to and this kinky redhead porn star with 34F-25-36 looks amazing in a corset that we often see in this video and whilst started out in Bizarre magazine soon moved onto fetish model with massive tits and a body covered in tattoos

Its starts out by her telling him that hes going to drink all the cum from her lovers that shes been collecting in a bottle and making sure that her husband hasn’t wanked off for a few weeks his balls are massive and full of cum ready for her to turn the milking machine on and start sucking his cum up, once the machine is running she soon reverts her attention back to his cock and pushes her heels into his balls and steps down onto his balls

As he wanks off with the machine sucking away you can see this bitch wants to push her husband as far as can so lights a cigarette and blows smoke straight down into his throat then flicks ass into his mouth using him as a human ashtray.  Once the husband has cum its sucked up and into the bottle and she opens the bottle and pours all the cum loads straight into his mouth making him swallow the lot back!

The other scenes show just what a bitch Mz Berlin is by making males lick her feet and toes whilst wearing stockings, pushing her heels into erect cocks and making males fuck her husband, this video takes the theme of submales and cum drinking males to another level of fetishism and a must viewing

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