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Looking for a UK dogging fourm? and better still one thats FREE to join and post within, in that case read on as not only are we one of the biggest UK dogging contacts website but our dogging forum has thousands of contacts posting up details of anything from dogging meets to parties

If your new to online contacts and dogging websites the term forum maybe something thats new to you, if so we can help as we discuss the benifits of using dogging forums to not only find the most up to date locations but also read postings from other members offering advice on the UK dogging scene


Thats right by using a forum you can get the lastest and most up to date information!! why? because members directly contribute into the forum posting infomation within threads either posting details of the location, warning others of places to avoid and thankfully for us voyuers photos of horny dogging and flashing wives!

We all love checking out wives dogging but more often than not these websites that claim to show “real dogging wives” are often just member only websites using paid models to that guys / couples join up hoping to see the real side of dogging when in fact all they are looking at is posed dogging photos, you know when they are fake because they look tooo perfect, real dogging photos are “snaps”

So, whats a dogging forum? well lets just address what a forum is, basically its a message board / chatroom where people often members only can post anything they like and the reason why these forums are restricted to members only is because they are open discussions – in other words members can post anything they like

By keeping it restricted to members only it means idiots can’t take over it like many of the older adult forums / chatrooms thats used to be going around like Microsoft ” Comic Chat”, I’m sure many of the older adult sufers remember Comic Chat and hitting the adults only section to find it full of kids.


With the forum restricted to adults / members only not only are you assured of only talking with adults but you’ll be able to get the low down on current dogging locations and better still check out horny dogging REAL wives photos. Posted below are some sample photos although to protect members these have been edited to protect there ID’s but once a member you’ll have free access to all forum postings / photos

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