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Want to find current and used dogging locations? Well it that case read on as not only can we offer you direct access to dogging locations right around the UK but even better this information is FREE

As Brits we’ve always loved the idea of outdoor sex and when the term “dogging” hit the UK the explosion of interest in dogging sex went through the roof with more couples than every before heading towards public carparks & parks for dogging sex.

But……..we do have people that think UK dogging is wrong and it comes into the frame but the local police and there dogging hotspots ( a hotspot is a dogging location that the police patrol a lot ) and unfortunately the police know where a lot of the dogging locations are………least they think so

Keeping one step ahead of the Dogging patrols

Theres only one place to find current dogging locations and that’s directly from the couples using these locations and rather than driving around car parks hoping to meet with couples you can read postings made by them detailing times & locations

To access these postings they are help within the members section of the site and considering its FREE it would even cost you anything to find the most current and up to date dogging information

But other than reading details of locations it doesn’t just end there as from these forum posting you can also directly access profiles posted by dogging couples and directly contact them, along with check out photos posted up by couples

To give you some idea I’ve posted some sample dogging photos below just so you can see what couples are posting up showing off there sexy flashing wives  and  some involved with dogging sex. Use the banner below for FREE access to all UK dogging contacts profiles then join us for FREE

Needless to say to protect members images have been cropped / edited but as a free member you’ll get full access to all images

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