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Welcome to Fetish VOD the fastest, cheapest & best way of accessing thousands of fetish videos

If you are new to the term VOD (video on demand) don’t worry we won’t laugh at you, at least not much, as it is still relatively new, certainly to Europe & the UK, but with more adult videos going straight to VOD it is soon going to be the best and only way to gain access to hardcore fetish porn!

So, what’s VOD?

VOD is a way to access porn directly on your PC and those moves can either be streamed or downloaded onto your PC or laptop depending on which service you choose, and while these methods offer different advantages in truth it is really just a case of “do you want instant access or are you happy to wait for the download”?

There really is no better way of getting access to thousands of fetish movies and once you get into using video on demand you really will wonder how you coped with buying fetish DVDs and having to wait around sometime weeks for your porn to turn up. With fetish vod you WILL get instant access!

The reason we can offer instant access is because the videos are stored on our servers ready for you to view as soon as you find one you like, then it is just a case of sitting back and enjoying the video. It really is that fast with streaming, however should you choose the download option you will still be watching the video inside a couple of hours, just about the time it takes to walk to the local for a pint or three.

There are four basic viewing options when using fetish vod and linked above are further details on each option plus more help depending on which service you prefer, but the four are:

  • Streaming (more)
  • Download (more)
  • Pay Per View (PPV) (more)
  • Download to Burn

They all offer slightly different features, from the high speed access offered by streaming to the DVD quality that downloading brings and it is really a case of what you prefer. Or should you be unsure about a video you have the pay per view section so you are only charged by the minute rather than paying the whole video. Alternatively should you want to own the Fetish DVD then you can opt to download it and burn onto a disc.

One of the things you will notice about fetish vod is the huge selection of videos that can be watched, and trust me it really is VAST, and the reason for this is because none of the films are ever sold meaning that as new titles get added it just further increases the selection of movies available, so one thing you will never see here is “sorry out of stock” as the videos are always on the server.

With over 150,000 movies for viewing now it really doesn’t matter what your fetish is, from cuckold to watersports we will have the films ready for you to watch NOW………….