Carmen Rivera

in German

When it comes to the extremes of euro or should I say German fetish porn none other than fetish porn star Carmen Rivera really does have the world by the balls which is very much like how she looks towards her submissives which in most cases are German males

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Film Details

  • Name:- Bizarre By Nature 6
  • Running Time:- 86 minutes
  • Studio:- Carmen Rivera Entertainment
  • Series:- Bizarre By Nature
  • Categories:- German Fetish, Femdom, Submales Fisting males
  • Stars:- Carmen Rivera

Review- Carmen’s performances within this new video reflects on her total lust for life and her need to drain every drop of sexual perversions from life and all pervious titles with this german femdom & raven-haired creature she turns everything around into a sexual perversion that we all so love and in this latest edition of Bizarre By Nature that continues

The open scene shows Carmen having a bubble bath but the attention is more on her firm tits and a shaven cunt that just looks so horny and thankfully we are allowed to see her carrying on shaving it so its so smooth you know you could lick her out without betting a single pube in your mouth but its when she meets with her first male slave the the extremes of her perversions is really shown for us

The first guy that enjoys Carmens fetish is a young german male with an arse that can handle some serious stretching and I’m not talking here about massive dildos although he does handle one thats clearly just Carmen getting him in readiness for her fisting as not only is the size of a fist she anal fist fucks him so deep you’ll be truly amazed at how deep he handles it

But this is all just in readiness for him getting fucked by what is the BIGGEST strap on I’ve every seen and if a women was to get fucked by this it would be a feet and a half but the fact this guy takes the strap on anal fucking by her is truly quite incredible but that is only getting him ready to take the double fisting shes planning on giving her german submissive male

Thats just the first scene and after that we are treated to seeing Carmen walking around Germany and collecting another weak slave that she can abuse within her  dungeon and knowing what this women is like its full of kinky equipment thats leaves nothing to the imagination as to their use.

Any video with Carmen Rivera you know its going to be about one thing alone thats shocking extremes and pushing her slaves to the maximum or pain and humiliation they can endure with mummification, hot candle wax & Cock & Balls Torture Fetish really being the norm within her films and the details above are just the first in a line of scenes that will leave you begging for the next installment from the queen of Euro extreme fetish porn

Other scenes all taken from the first part of this Carmen Rivera DVD

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