Extrem Vorsicht Extrem

in German

These videos don’t come under the “Extrem” series for no reason and german bdsm studio be.me.fi take us into the dark world of extremes within Euro bondage porn that few would ever consider with scenes of hardcore spectrum gape fisted women, tit punishment & breast bound so tight they turn red, these videos are for those that love Extremes

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Film Details

  • Name:- Extrem Vorsicht Extrem
  • Running Time:- 89 minutes
  • Studio:- be.me.fi
  • Categories:- German BDSM, Male Domination, Tit Punishment
  • Viewing Options :- Streaming only

If you love the leather and women being punished normally involving clothes pegs & weights hung from their cunt lips then this video from be.me.fi will be right for you and taken from within their Extrem collection it really is about extremes within bdsm

This German language video shows the goings on in a German dungeon when 2 dominant males have some fun with a couple of submissive female slaves that seems to have a pain threshold that is far higher than any other women I’ve seen considering the tight tit rope bondage & clit & cunt lips bdsm they endure

The opening scene show our two submissive females waiting to meet their german owners and panning around the dungeon you get to see some of thew equipment they have to their disposal to use on these women but preparation is important and finding out their levels of pain they will endure

It starts by these girls having to be humiliated into licking their masters boots and cleaning their leather trousers with nothing but their tongs but this is only the start as they are soon bound up with ropes that whilst not in the league of many rope bondage DVDs I’ve watched still impressive, but the Extrem collection is NOT about rope bondage more so about pain endurance

Check out these free screen shots from Extrem Vorsicht Extreme

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