Nina Lee Eignungstest

in German

In a world of submales, rubber and latex outfits German fetish studio Bizarre Experience brings us one of the MOST sexiest femdoms with Latex clad Lady Nina Lee and you can trust me theirs very little of a lady in this German born BDSM fetish porn star, this is pure euro fetish at its best!

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Film Details

  • Name:- Nina Lee: Eignungstest
  • Running Time: 89 minutes
  • Released: 01/2008
  • Studio: Bizarre Experience
  • Series: Nina Lee
  • Categories: German Fetish, BDSM, Submales, Rubber/Latex, golden showers

Review – Let em first say I’m a massive fan of German Fetish & BDSM theirs just something about the direction and the porn stars they use that make some of the best in fetish porn and when you have world class rubber & latex porn stars like Nina Less can you really go wrong with this video, although you will have to except the German spoken throughout the video

The opening scene although starting a arty in black & white shows our german submale / slave walking into a room with Nina Lee sat at the table as shes looking for a new male servant although I’m pretty sure the candidates don’t realise just whats in front on them being a slave to her.

As the first candidate he has to prove his worth and after stripping him naked Nine wants to try the acid test so making him kneel pulls her skirt up showing off her black stockings and pulling his head towards her shaven cunt starts to piss directly into his face demanding her drinks and swallows her Urine

After this his tong comes into play as the mistress orders him to lick her clean and then after moving off from the table lick anything that is left behind but his initial interview isn’t over as Nina’s assistant walks in and Sanya then looks towards having the same pissing service that Nina had so opens her legs wide and demands he does the same by drinking her piss

Together with her german slave girl Sanya he’s then taken into another room where he’s subjected to even more ordeals including nipple clamps, whipping and when Nina walks over wearing a large fat strap on dildo he’s forced to suck it and but content with that she then forces the dildo down his throat making him gag as he’s made to deep throat it. These two germam dominant women completely control their submale ad use him for a fuck slave doing whatever they do to please themselves and after making him fuck them both he’s finally allowed cum over Ninas tits

If your a fan of high end production German BDSM you’ll love this video and posted before are some free images from this video for you to download showing Nina Lee at her best wearing rubber & latex abusing her male slaves!

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