Toe Sucking Video

in German

Known for its shocking fetish porn here German studio Paraphilia show us just toe sucking should be done! and shows us a lighter side to there fetishes with toe sucking female slave and a master that seems to enjoy pushing stockings into his slaves pussy then pulling out and shoving stockings into her mouth!!

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Film Details

  • Name:- Dana In Chains The Fate Of A Naughty Housewife
  • Running Time:- 93 minutes
  • Released:- 10/2007
  • Studio:- Paraphilia
  • Director:- Domina Hera
  • Categories:- German Fetish, Toe sucking, Foot Licking, Male Domination

I’ve always been a fan of fetish porn from our European friends and Paraphilia stand heads above many other studios with a extreme take on male domination and here we see a master that clearly not only loves having his feet & toes sucked & licked but a bazaar stockings that involves pushing stockings into this slaves pussy then mouth !

But its the toe sucking that really gives us an insight into this movie with his male getting first toes sucked then his slave taking all his foot into her mouth and pushing his foot deep into her mouth which can only be preparation for when he shoves a stocking into her mouth and if your looking at gagging a women what a wonderful way to do it!

One thing to consider with this video is its all in German, now does that put you off? well for me it didn’t but that could have something to do with the fact I’ve loved the that Paraphilia for some years with its high end production and pure quality of films it really does show other studios for being pure amateurs

Whilst this video is over two scene it was the second one I wanted to watch knowing this scene had some of the best toe sucking I’ve watched and a young German female slave that starts with her locked in a small cage wearing black stockings and not much else, which doesn’t stay like that for long before shes stripped but thankfully still wearing those black stockings!

Shes then made to lick, toe and mouth fuck his foot where the master gets a toe job the likes we would dream of having where she licks, sucking every toe before swallowing back his whole foot into her mouth, but this is just an introduction into further fetishes where shes removed from the cage and a stocking is pushed into her cunt!

The level of production and different fetishes covered within this video is endless from foot fetishes, massive dildos & a submissive young female slave that just needs abuse ! check out these free screen photos and YES I do love Euro toe & foot fetish porn hence the screen shots but this video has something for everyone that enjoys pure quality euro fetish porn

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