Hairy Twatter Adventures

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Hairy Twatter Adventures have one solid theme thats guys cumming into deep bushy cunts and the women in these streaming videos have some of the hairiest twats I’ve seen on any video but their again considering this is the 15th video you’d expect nothing more than hairy twat heaven check out these free photos & video review

Dark hairy cunts !! heaven ! what this video click here

Film Details

  • Name:- Hairy Twatter Adventures 15
  • Running Time:- 33 minutes
  • Studio:- Hairy Potter Productions
  • Series:- Hairy Twatter Adventures
  • Director:- Patrixxx
  • Categories:- Dark Hair Girls, Hairy Twats
  • Stars:Winnie, Victoria Rush

you’ve really got to ask yourself whats better in life than seeing a women with a dark hairy cunt and even better pulling her knickers right up between her cunt! now I know many would say fucking a dark hairy twat is the best thing but¬†unfortunately all we can do is watch these dark hair twats but its the next best thing!

One thing you will notice that all of the Hairy Potter Productions streaming porn videos are short normally around the 30 -40 minute, now you may “what a con” but trust me these videos are far from being a con as they introduce some of the very best in dark haired twats

Hairy Potter really do have the knack of finding some of the best in hairy dark cunts and I think you’ll agree the cover girl “Winnie” has one of the darkest twats I’ve enjoyed watching for many years, but unlike other hair fetish videos these aren’t just about watch women finger hairy twats these are about showing guys cumming in deep hairy pubic mounds of hair!

The opening scene give us an idea behind the theme of this DVD as it goes straight into the action showing Winnie stand their in little pink knickers, but we know whats inside those knickers as she grabs them and pulls her knickers right up between her cunt lips and the gusset of the knickers slip deep between her dark cunt twat lips and you know any guy seeing this woulds just die to lick those knickers clean as you see her cunt juices leaking onto her knickers!

For fans of dark hairy pubic hair will love this video and I’ve posted a few sample photos directly from this video and for more details just click and image or DVD cover

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