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100% Fresh Faced and so young Andrea Kelly is a horny latino women with a hairy beaver that really HAS to be seen with her dark pubic mound of dark Latin hair! although quite why they use the word “Violation” I really don’t know as trust me this young Spanish speaking porn stars doesn’t get Violated, but does show us her hairy fanny

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Film Details

  • Name:- Violation Of Hairy First Timer Andrea Kelly
  • Running Time:- 130 minutes
  • Released:- 04/2010
  • Studio:- Combat Zone
  • Categories:- Latino Fetish, Hairy Teens, New Faces
  • Stars:- Andrea Kelly

This video features fresh faced latino newbie Andrea Kelly and whilst she can’t speak much English does it really matter anyways theres something extremely horny about spanish speaking girls especially when they have a thick mound of latin hair that you just love to cum into those teen pubes !

Watch brand new, hairy Andrea Kelly get violated on camera. Get a glimpse of this hot Latina sucking big cocks and getting her sweet tight pussy fucked hard and long. She also gets her “experimental” girl on girl action. Fans of Andrea Kelly shouldn’t miss out!

This new film from Combat Zone is over 6 scenes of 130 minutes where Andrea Kelly shows us why shes becoming one of the biggest names in latin American porn starlets as we get a glimpse of this hot Latina sucking big cocks, fucking herself with massive dildo and getting her sweet tight pussy fucked hard and you can be sure fans of Andrea Kelly will love this video!

Their is something about streaming fresh faced porn stars that does make far more enjoyable especially when they show off Cum Soaked Hairy teen Pussy with natural real woman and Combat zone capture a thick and luscious Latino bush and whilst these video shows everything from her getting fucking by a black guy to Teen lesbian action its the first scene that I enjoyed the most.

It starts with Andrea sitting on the bed chatting to the camera but its not long before shes on her knees showing off her sexy latino ass and lets be honest guys are there any better rears ! This then leads into her laying back onto the bed and pulling off little knickers to show off the goodies and with legs open wide pulls back dark black mounds of pubic hair and start finger herself

The dildo that this young girl uses is BIG to say the least and the way she slides it into her pulled open lips its easy to see why this girl is proving to be such a massive pull within the latino market and why already shes been lined up to feature along to black guys and within this video you see her getting fucked silly by a black porn star that needless to say has a massive cock and unloads massive loads of cum into her dark pubic hair

For fans of teen latino girls especially in pony tails and having small tits you’ll love this video and posted below are some free photos of Andrea Kelly in her glory showing off that MASS of dark pubic hair ……..yum

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