Women Using Speculums

in Massive Insertions

Medical Instrument fetish porn, it doesn’t really cum more real when you can actually SEE deep inside women’s cunts as they cum and get all close and personal streaming porn with pussies squeezing, clamping and wall contractions! as we enjoy stream videos with women using clear plastic speculum’s from Femorg

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Film Details

  • Name:- Speculum Orgasms
  • Running Time:- 51 minutes
  • Studio:- Femorg
  • Series:- Real Female Orgasms – Femorg
  • Categories:- Female Masturbation, Shocking Penetration, Medical Instrument fetish, speculums
  • Stars: Penelope, Liz Tyler, Tullulah, Genie Bunny, Jasmine

You really do have to thanks medical fetish studio Femorg for bringing us some of the worlds best close ups or women using what appear to be the kinkiest of medical devices to show us pussies that are opened wide with plastic speculum giving us close ups of REAL female orgasms like your never streamed before!!

Studio Femorg offer us some of the very best in ultra internal close ups of women cumming and having REAL organisms and trust me theres nothing fake here as we enjoy first watch these girls putting the speculum inserted into themselves and dilating the vagina and cervix and fingers and toys are used to bring them off in a way you can trust me you’ve never seen before on any porn DVD.

This video features horny women enjoying themselves alone with the kinkiest of medical devices and some pretty full on extreme insertions as pussies forced wide open show us what goes on when cum hungry women performing real masturbation showing off hidden parts of their wet pussies

For sometime fans have been asking for more of these fetish videos showing off horny babes with kinky speculum insertion and close real cervix shots and now for your pleasure you can enjoy this video for ultra shaved pussy close-ups and by watching this on streaming porn means you gain the benefit of instant viewing

For me the second scene with Tullulah is the one to watch out for as she tells the camera man she loves pushing speculums inside he tight pussy and soon spreads her legs for ultra close-up speculum orgasm. With the camera looking deep into her cervix and after a short while there’s a small amount of pussy juice past her anus with clear view of her clit hood and also see her anus having spontaneous little contractions knowing this women loves anal sex as well and with increased arousal her contractions become more regular and you see a cum soaked chair.¬†¬†check out these free images and watch this video NOW

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