PPV Streaming Videos

Try PPV for instant cheap access to porn videos

Are you new to the term PPV Streaming, or to give its it full term “pay per view”? In that case you’ll find this section extremely interesting as we look at what’s really flipped the porn world on its head. The reason PPV has changed the way people view porn is that fact that you no longer have to watch a full video, you can jump straight into a scene or to a particular porn star YOU want to watch and only pay for the time you watch.

With PPV it offers exactly what it says, you only pay for what you watch, so for example if you only watch 10 minutes of a video that is all you pay for and with streaming PPV this means instant access directly into the scene or section of the video you are interested in.

One of the main reasons PPV has taken off so well is the simple fact that you don’t have to watching a whole video if you are only interested in a certain scene or porn star as now you can jump straight into that or if you are not interested in some deep meaningful plot and just want to watch a girl getting fucked you can fast forward right to the scene you want.

PPV streaming is the biggest buzz word with the industry not only because people are able to view ANY movies for a fraction of the cost of buying but it also opens a massive selection of videos that maybe in the past you would never have considered buying the DVD but for 40p you could stream 10 minutes of it then perhaps you would take that risk and see what its about.

The thing that most people ask when considering PPV streamed videos is how do you pay and how does it work?

  • The first thing you will need to do is set a FREE account up, this cost nothing and all you are doing is setting up your own account and password
  • Once done then you can start looking around the site for videos you want to watch
  • When you find a title click to view
  • This is when you need to part with some cash to buy time and you can buy from 15 to 1000 minutes and needless to say the more minutes you buy in one go the cheaper you get it, but on average the time will cost 4p per minute, meaning should you stream 10 minutes it will cost you 40p
  • Once you’ve paid for your time the system will take you back to the video and you can either start the video from the beginning or jump straight into the bit you want to watch
  • After you’ve watch it should you want to check another film out all you need do is click on the scene and so long as you still have time/money in your account the video will start playing straight away
  • At any time you can look at your account and make sure you have time left or add more time should you be running low

It is easy to see why PPV streaming is so popular, after all how many times have you looked at a video and thought “yeah, that looks good but I’m only interested in this scene” well with PPV that is exactly what you can do, jump straight into the bit you want to watch then close it down so rather than spending £4 on a download spend 40p and stream a bit of it.

A lot of people use PPV as a way of getting a sample of a video before downloading it, after all if you are going to download a movie for 2 hours and pay £4 to watch it by streaming bits of the video it will give you a chance to make sure you are happy with the video before parting with your cash.

Go on give it a go, it will only cost you a few pence to try PPV VOD out and trust me you’ll never look back…