Sex Stories

Lets be honest we all love reading erotic stories either fiction or far better real life swingers stories as least you know with real life erotic stories it offers a far more insight into what the author is about and in the case of swingers just what they get up to

As a UK swinger myself I’ve submitted a few stories to various erotic fiction websites and whilst many of these sites do offer an insight into what people are getting up to in their private lives it was only until I joined a UK swingers contacts website that I realised just how perverted people were when reading stories and then knew I’d found my home LOL

The swinging scene whilst many will assume is just about couples meeting up does have lots of facets that can revolve around lots of different types of contacts from those looking for just straight swaps with couples to thankfully more kinky role playing sex .

So reading members swingers stories not only give a true account of meets but if you’re a newbie to the scene an insight that no website can offer as you read stories posted up by members telling about there meets with other couples, singles & groups

Posted within this section is direct links into members stories, in most cases these swingers stories have been edited if a member has included more personal details or indeed direct contacts information but one strong theme running thought all the stories is they are horny ……..

Free Swingers stories ..Erotic fetish fiction

If you fancy trying the swingers scene rather than just reading members stories posted below is direct access into all profiles & details of how to join. Oh and before I forget all the photos here are members

Posted below some sample members photos that have been edited to protect members identities