Choke On My Squirt

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Choke on My Squirt 3 features the talents of top milf squirter Ashley, that not only have the talents of having one of the biggest clits in the streaming porn business, but can REALLY squirt and soak guys in cum juices that apparently taste so good many of her male porn stars will drink her cum juices as she soaks them ! but as you would expect from Image Video it doesn’t stop with soaking guys in cum juices its about submales and forced smothering, Squirting fetishists are in for a real treat here

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Film Details

  • Name:- Choke On My Squirt 3
  • Running Time:- 47 minutes
  • Studio:- Image Video
  • Series:- Choke On My Squirt
  • Categories:- Face Sit Fetish, Squirting Women, Submales, Smothering
  • Stars:- Ashley

Well they really don’t cum much better than the Choke on my Squirt collection of submale cum drinking males, but considering the strong domineering babes that studio Image Video use its no wonder these videos are such a massive success within the squirting porn genre and here we review one featuring hot babe and gusher Ashley!

when it comes to squirting milfs Ashley really is up there with the greats as not only is she bountifully endowed with a more than healthy set of tits but a massive clit that a blind man wouldn’t have problems finding but considering this is a squirting smothering video thats not an issue as we she this busty blonde in total control either forcing some breath control from her submales.

As her male licks out her cunt we see that amazing massive clit thats bigger than a pencil eraser and more than a target for her male to lick and suck on and its not long into the movie that we see him take his first face full of cum and looking at this guy you can see his t-shirt covered in her cum juices as its soaking wet and almost looks like someone has poured a glass of water over him or shes pissed in his face rather than just licking some milfs cunt out.

Its clear that Ashley is pleased with his performance, least so far but this women has other plans for her male and it wouldn’t be a “Choke On My Squirt” video if not so to further humiliate she puts a bag over his face so she doesn’t have to look at have but first cuts some holes for his tong after all she wants her pussy licked and thats the only thing she needs him for

This videos theme is about Ashley having total control over her males escalating from just a normal face sitting video to placing a plastic bag over his face in what you thing could turn into some suffocation asphyxiation video but its stops before that and returns to Ashley and her need to squirt males in cum juices and ends with her asking for the next male so she can drown him in her cum this video is pussy tsunami.

Check out some of these free thumbnail photos showing Ashley squirting and soaking her submales with her cum juices and hopefully one day she’ll bottle this body fluid up as I’d order a case load!

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