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Kinky…. and me, Over the years I’ve had plenty of vanilla sex … And I’ve come to realise that it’s a shared experience in several ways, obviously there is the physical aspect which is always nice but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to apreciate the psycological side of sex.

This in turn has helped me develop an interest in all sorts of bdsm contacts, kinky things and fetishes. The main one for me is an appreciation of attractive smoking women (a BIG turn on for me, odd too as a non smoker). Also The kinker aspects comes into play with varous roll play situations I’ve begun to fantasize about.

Form a pure kink point of view I like too many things to list here and I’ll pretty much try anything once or twice to get a feel for it. The important thing lately tho’ is mind set…. The sharing of a fantasy (especially in a real roll play situation) is just mind blowing, especially if my partner is getting off on it too.

Role play…This is not intended as a swingers story…. it’s an outline of my favorite role play scenario…. One which I am yet to experience, but hopefully now as a single male swinger in my mid thirties will attract the interest of members both couples and females ….

Even though I’m a married man in my mid thirties, I still don’t get the kind of sex I crave especially from dominant or females that enjoy the more bdsm  contacts scene. It’s all very mundane and routine, sure there’s a lot to be said for love and conpanionship, but the lust is gone so to speak the sex is functional and nice. I had resigned myself to a life of repitition and non-fulfilment and had more or less given up hope of any kind of the nasty, hot, excitement i crave, until one day when I was caught off guard by the person I least expected to show even the hint of interest.

I always had a fairly conservative relationship with my Mother-In-Law, we were polite enough to each other and I guess we’d known each other for a long enough afterall, I wouldn’t say we were close but things were civil enough, this was more down to my awkwardness with people than her personality. She wasn’t the average overbearing or interfering figure you’d usually associate with mother-in-laws, she was just, well… normal. My wife was close to her mother and they often used to pop out for girlie chats and shopping days, so I was comfortable with her being around a lot.

There was an added bonus to her being around a lot for me too because as an atrictive older smoker she provided me with an opportunity to secretly indulge my secret fetish, which was the appreciation of atractive smoking women. Appreciation is understating things though. Smoking women drive me wild with lust, especially if they knew ‘how’ to smoke. My mother-in-law was a long term smoker and I’m pretty sure she knew how hot she looked because the way she smoked seemed naturally elegant and seductive, I’d never seen her smoke when she didn’t enjoy it and she always took her time to enjoy every cigarrette to the full.

It’s fair to say I watched her smoke when ever I could and for the most part I imagined that I was subtle and unnoticed, with secret glances here and there and I’d often position myslef closely enough to seem natural without making it too obvious that i was watching her. All in all she was a damn hot woman, a damn hot smoker too.

There was one day in particular that changed everything though. It was a regular ‘girlie day’ i suppose and my wife and her mom had been out early to shop as my wife was working later that day. All seemed well as I waved wifey off to work and sat down to enjoy an afternoon to myself. a few minutes later there was a knock on the door and when I opened it I was met with my Mother-In-Law who said that she’s forgotten to pick something up. We exchanged pleasentries and I offered coffee, which she excepted, knowing full well that she’d probably want a cigarrette to go along with it. After a few moments I was not disappointed.

We’re sat in the kitchen up against the breakfast bar, so we were directly opposite each other as she took a cigarrette from the packet. As she placed the filter into her mouth she flicked her hair from her face and gently shook her head, then looked at me and lit the cigarrette. Following a deep inhalation she blew out the smoke directly at me and I greedly inhaled the second hand smoke for myself. she eyed me, apparently thinking about something before genrously repeating the experience. As I inhaled the second wave of smoke I looked her up and down. She was a buxom woman, very well endowed all round and wore a fairly tight top which hugged her generous breasts, her

‘mmm’ she said ‘you like to watch mommy smoke don’t you?’

I shuffled in my seat, caught off guard when she followed the comment with another

‘I’ve seen you watching me, you like to watch me smoke’, she exhaled and said ‘well, my daughters been telling me all about how you’re sex life isn’t quite what you want it to be, so I’ve decided to do something about it. I know that smoking turns you on and I’ve seen you watching me. I know I turn you on when i smoke’. she lifted her hand and lightly brushed at her breast for effect.

I was speechless, the blood rushed to my face as my heart rate sped up and i felt my cock stir. I started to speak but was cut short

‘now then, since you like to watch mommy smoke, you can do me a favour, you’re going to do as I please, so whilst mommy smokes for you, you’re going to lick me. Do you want to lick mommy’s pussy?’

I managed to utter a quiet ‘yes’ as she pulled up her skirt and revealed her perfectly smooth cunt.

‘come here baby and tongue fuck mommy’s arse’

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