Stream Fetish Videos

Streaming, the fastest way to access YOUR porn

Streaming is just about the FASTEST way to access porn videos ANYWHERE and combine that with ultra low prices you can be watching great fetish porn for a fraction of the price of buying DVDs and be enjoying instant videos when you want to rather than waiting around for weeks for the postman.

The porn world has evolved and part of that process is the video on demand or more so streaming, as these days people no longer want to wait around for porn they want it cheap and NOW!

By streaming the videos you are effectively viewing movies live via the internet that are being broadcast directly to your computer, and as most of us these days have fast access it means instant streaming porn – no waiting around and better still a selection of videos that will keep you busy for years to come.

Check out some of the features using Streaming VOD

  • No monthly recurring bills – you only pay for what you watch
  • Free Membership – needed to set your favourites up
  • anonymous viewing – as your streaming no one will know what you’ve watched
  • No software needed – uses either real player or Windows media player
  • Instant Access – videos start within a few seconds

It is easy to see why streaming vod is proving to be so popular with porn buyers everywhere, after all we all spend more time online now than ever before so why not make it more enjoyable by watching great porn directly on your PC.

To help you I’ve posted a few questions that are sometimes asked about streaming porn and these may give you a better understanding of the service, but bottom line is, considering you can stream a video for £3 you are better off just giving it a go!

  • How many films can I watch – there is no limit you can stream as many videos as you like
  • What if it won’t start playing after I’ve paid – we have support 24/7 so no matter where you live someone will be able to answer your question and as it uses live chat you are not even left waiting for an email response
  • How do you pay – all payments are via credit card only and the payee will show as
  • Is it illegal to stream hardcore fetish movies – “YES” all the content within this site is totally legal otherwise it wouldn’t be displayed for viewing plus as you are not buying DVDs you are not restricted by “owning” the movies
  • Can I save the movies – not by streaming them, should you want to keep them you will need to pay to download them
  • Can I watch the movies on other PCs – yes all you need is your log in details and you can access the videos on any PC
  • Can the movies be streamed onto my TV – yes all you need is a Media Player (see Amazon they are around £60) or by plugging your PC/laptop directly into your TV

So if you are looking for a fast way to access great porn look no further than streaming video on demand…