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When it come to handing out anal discipline theirs only one women you can turn towards thats Carmen Rivera as she enjoys forcing anything from massive dildos, fist, feet & as with this submale streaming video the guys ass gets anally abuse with vegetables and fruit pushed DEEP and hard into him, one scene even shows Carmen pushing with all her weight to push a massive object into her male slaves arse

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Film Details

  • Name:- Anal Punishment
  • Running Time:- 87 minutes
  • Studio:- Off Limits Media
  • Categories:- German Fetish,  Femdom,  Submales,  Male Anal Penetration
  • Stars:- Alisha Laine, Carmen Rivera

Reviewed Video – When it does come towards shocking male penetration their really are few places you can turn towards to get QUALITY porn and studio “Off Limits Media” with Carmen Rivera offer something few studios will every touch let alone sell and this video is about what sexually amuses her and with Carmen pretty near anything is NOT off limits as shown in Anal Punishment from Off Limits Media

The video begins when Carmen meets up with Alisha Laine in a restaurant and whilst my german is not good I can’t tell you what they are talking about although it for sure its about abusing some guys arse and its when the waitier pisses her off that they follow him into the kitchen. They look around the kitchen but we all know they don’t give a fuck and soon get the waiters pants off and start to prepare to punish this ass

They tease and play with his ass and for an anal punishment video at first you think” so what” but you have to remember this is a Carmen Rivera Video and she then pulls out a massive strap-on cock that most women would never be able to handle in their cunt let alone take an anal fucking from such a huge dildo but this guy takes his anal fucking with ease which only further drives her to find bigger things to abuse his anal hole with

The anal fucking that this guy takes from this huge strap on would make anyone’s ass burn like fuck and it doesn’t matter how much lube you put of it your never going to stretch someone anal passage to handle this monster strap on but this pro male already is used to Carmen and takes the dildo with his well-stretched ass but tats why they called this DVD Anal Punishment.

The first scene is bad enough watching this submissive male take an anal pounding from these women but when they know his ass will take abuse & discipline they turn towards some large vegetables and even try fucking him with an eggplant as that gets pushed deep into him until it can be pushed no further and pull it out leaving his arse gaping wide open

This video is truly an awe inspiring male anal abuse with domination & submission and shows Carmen Rivera doing what shes best at. Check out free anal discipline photos below.

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