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When I first saw this Face sitting pov video title I really did struggle at first to grasp how studio Roman Video would be able to pull this submale video off! but then when you have two dominant women like Sinnamon Love & Penny Flame really you can do just about anything you want knowing the way these two women just love to verbally abuse and humiliate men, you know this is going to be great so watch it!

Love women humiliating males? watch this video

Film Details

  • Name:- The Face sitter Next Door
  • Running Time:- 58 minutes
  • Released:- 12/2009
  • Studio:- Roman Video
  • Director:- Romulus Thound
  • Categories:- submale Fetish, POV Smothering
  • Stars:- Sinnamon Love & Penny Flame

Reviewed video – Ok first let me say I’m a MASSIVE fan of Penny Flame and to have this domineering women talking directly to the camera and filmed in a POV ( point of view) style is more than enough to make me pop within a few seconds lets alone getting to the end of the film and what a GREAT face sitting POV video it is as well

So here we have two extremely dominate women that really live to put males down by what every means they like and that soooo gorgeous mistress Penny Flame is our first taster of what Roman Videos are offering as she stands their before you totally naked, fully exposed

The way this girl teases you buy pushing her perfectly shaven cunt & arse towards the camera almost makes you want to lean forward and lick the screen especially when she pulls her cunt lips apart and pushes fingers DEEP into herself making herself soaking wet as she masturbates right in front of the camera, all the time tell you what a worth less small cock whimp you really are

Her ego crushing POV in this video is not only cruel you’ll soon be withing under her control with her almost relentless cruel, inhuman VERBAL HUMILIATION that I’ve ENJOYED on any past submale/ cuckold type videos but its when she bends over so you can look BUT NOT touch her luscious ass that for many won’t last past that

Just when you think you can handle no more direct verbal abuse from her as this video has been shot with the viewer in mind due to its POV face sitting stly we are then lucky to have a real male come on set so the abuse thankfully turns away from us towards the poor whimp of husband as he’s forced to worship her ass as she pushes his face deep into her bum making him lick and pleasure her pushing his tong deep into her anuns

As she drags him around the room with his faced pushed deep into her arse she pushes him back onto the bed and sits down with all her weight pushing his head deep into her cunt and making him lick her till shes been fully satisfied, as for the male, well he can go into the otrher room and wank off whist she gets herself ready

And that guys is just the first scene with Penny Flame, black mistress Sinnamon Love forces her males to lick her massive black butt and pushes down hard onto their faces making them lick her clean before she directs her attention towards you !! Check out these free photos with Sinnamon Love & Penny Flame

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