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Welcome to the world of where domineering women take total control over submales and inflict pain and torture the likes of you’ve never streamed on video before and now thanks to streaming video on demand you can access these high definition videos

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Film Details

  • Name:- Men In Pain: Flower Tucci
  • Running Time:- 31 minutes
  • Studio:-
  • Series:- Men In Pain
  • Categories:- Rope Bondage, Squirting femdoms, BDSM, Submissive Males, ball punishment
  • Stars:- Flower Tucci

Let me first say if you look at the running title you’ll see this is only 31 minutes and indeed most if not all of the “Men In Pain” videos from Kink streaming .com have a very similar running time, now at first you may well think this is crap value for money! TRUST me you could be further wrong, these videos are pure class and its easy to see why they are so loved with the submissive males & bdsm scene

In the opening scene we get introduced to our whiling sub slave but lets be honest hes just someone we are going to see his cock and ball kicked and punished, but its the dominatrix we are interested in and that role is taken on by squirting queen Flower Tucci and whilst shes know for a squirting dvds shes a real bitch of a femdom that loves to push submales way past their boundaries and into pain thresholds!

I’ve enjoyed Flower Tucci in many porn DVDs playing either dominant or submissive roles but its as a femdom she really comes out and have the knack of turning these women into complete bitches as they punish submales and force them into obeying every command and making sure there mistresses always get treated with total respect

The scene starts with male sat clothed on a chair and Flower Tucci walks over wearing black latex mini & latex red top and starts out by her asking the types of things he enjoys or has fantasied about a dominatrix doing to him, she leads him along a bit as its clear he doesn’t want to say what his darkest BDSM fantasies are but she soon gets them out and even asks ” do you like women squirting on your face”  as if you’d need to ask that question and with that it cuts away returning with him bound, gagged & rope tied tight around his balls and cock

After the soft introduction into this streaming video the action heats up and the VERY sexy Flower Tucci starts by placing a further rope around his cock and places weights into a basket that pulls her subs cock and balls to a level thats its clear this guy can’t cope with but does she stop like fuck she does

This video is an intense high level video and the title of ” Men In Pain” perfectly fits what these mistresses push there men into and the revolves around women putting men in as much pain as they want with cock & ball punishment, tight cock rope bondage, strap on fucking and in the case of Flower Tucci squirting directly into her males slave mouth and making him drink her squirt!  – This video is a must view and posted her are some free photos from Men in Pain

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